Lubricated Rotary Screw (2.2 - 7.5kW)

Standard Equipment

-Belt Transmission
-Electric motors, IP55, F-class insulation
-Oil Level Monitoring, sight glass
-Running Condition indicators:
-Start/Stop control with pressure switch
-Factory filled with AEON lubricant

Lubricated Rotary Screw

Maximum flexibility
The compact design of the ESM 6 allows you to install the package quickly and efficiently. Based on the customer requirements, these compressors can be supplied with many special options to provide a complete compressor station.

Easy installation
Simple maintenance
Available as stand alone or as a tankmounted model
Optional AirBasic2

The ESM 4-5 compressors

The ESM 4-5 compressors (standard for ESM 6) as a premium option are equipped with Star/Delta starting and the electronic AirBasic2 controller, which provides the user with data on total hours of operation, operating temperature and additional information such as:

Air filter replacement
Oil filter replacement
Separator filter replacement
Oil change
Regular maintenance advice
Pressure setting can be easily adjusted via the controller