Lubricated rotary screw technology (22 to 30 kW)

The ESM / VS series is specifically designed to meet the demands for continuous 24-hour use and absolute uptime, as required in critical industrial processes. The variable speed drive/motor/compressor combination and the controller, are designed to meet the varying demands of your system at the lowest possible specific power, which benefits you in the form of energy cost savings.

Advanced Design

Absolute reliability
Customized for flexibility
Small footprint
Innovative Gardner Denver airend design
Integrated heat recovery systems

The synthetic efficiency advantage
with Gardner Denver AEON™ 9000 SP lubricant as a standard.
A unique synthetic lubricant designed specifically to maximise compressor efficiency and provide
optimum lubricity.
High modern control system
GD Pilot control system for reliability and
simplicity of operation.
The advanced control system ensures reliable operation and protects
your investment by continuously monitoring the operational parameters.
The “GD PILOT” controller also has the capability to have programmable
inputs and outputs, control additional equipment as well as providing
the following features with a clear readable text.
• Discharge/line pressure display
• Oil temperature display
• Total hours run and loaded
• Service due indicator
• Enhanced fault log monitor
• Real time clock
• Timer controlled Stop/Start
• Remote Stop Start
• Auto restart on power failure
• Second pressure setting
• Status indication
• RS485 - Modbus RTU
Extended life time
Maximum protection for
internal components

Small installation footprint

All models ESM / VS 23-29 are available with an integrated dryer. This
option comes complete with a dryer and water separator, both fitted
with zero loss drains, to eliminate expensive air loss and maximise
energy efficiency.
Thanks to ESD control the dryer only use energy when the system
actually needs compressed air unlike conventional dryers which continue
to consume energy even when the system is off load.