GD-3000 Pump Model

Field-proven as the most powerful well-stimulation pump on the market, the durable GD-3000 does what no other pump can do. It combines high-pressure and high-flow rate capabilities into a single, lightweight unit. A variety of fluid-end options are also available to cover all your pressure and flow requirements

Design Advantages

  • Modular frame for lightweight, yet durable construction.

  • Planetary gear reduction with offset for maximum power to weight ratio.

  • Premium fluid end material and standard autofrettage for extended service life.

  • High strength forged crankshaft.

Standard gun sight or new falcon style suction valve retainers for ease of service.

Product Range

  • Maximum Pressure: 22,000 psi

  • Maximum Flow: 1,375 gpm

  • Weight: 18,550 lbs.